Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Not Worth It

So I love how the last two weeks of my life have been the most drama filled ever. First of all a boy, who's my friend but I have NO interest in, loves me. And its awkward because I am always complaining about my lack of boyfriend yet I am not willing to date him. I feel like a hypocrite! UGH! But really. It just wouldn't have worked out. He just is too metro for me right now. I can't deal with his hormones...and my own.
Then right now one of my best friends is mad at me because I doubted the fact (a well-known one, apparently) that you can't wear blue pants with black shoes. And this is not jeans mind you. Its blue cords? I don't know. And I seriously was not trying to start a fight. I think she just had a bad day. Its not like mine was excellent either, but I am not excusing my lack of sympathy. I kind of feel bad. But I also don't think I should be apolegizing. Its just messy.
And my other friend's crush just started dating this other girl. Well, he asked her to Loyalty. I am like this is not good. She's not like too depressed, but I just feel bad. I really didn't see him going with this other girl. That was the problem.
Lets see. What else sucks? I have so much schoolwork to do. I just don't see an end however. I think that I am going to work on each area in short time periods. After I post this, for example, I will write my rough draft for my History IA. Its about Nativism in America in the 1850s. Its actually really interesting. But this book I need to read about it...I haven't read yet. I really shouldn't be wasting time typing this actually.
And then there's the whole issue of Loyalty. I have no clue who I want to ask. Well thats not true. I have a couple of ideas but I doubt whether any of them will work out. I guess we will soon see? I would like someone to just ask me. But don't think thats going to happen-especially since one of the boys doesn't go to my school and therefore would've no way of knowing when it was. That could be awkward.
I am tired right now and stressed out. Plus at this moment my fingers are extremely cold? I don't even know why!! Oh the heat just came on I should be warm soon.
Actually I don't want to make up with that friend.