Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Asian Persuasion

So I guess I knew that the guy I asked to LPA liked asian i didnt know that was all he liked. so now i am going to a dance wid a boy that doesnt like me. how awkward is that going to be? i thought he only preferred asians. obviously i was wrong.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Winter Wonderland!

Hopefully by the time I write my next post, we will be covered by a foot (okay, 5 to 8") of snow!! And not just any snow but powdery fresh beautiful snow. At least thats my hope. All day today everyone kept looking up the weather every 5 minutes.I am pretty sure all of my teachers want it too. Everyone wants a little break. And we say that we will use it to do all the work we need to make up, but that won't really happen! Oh well. I won't make any plans to do homework or the procedure for my internal assessment. I plan on going sledding and getting soaking wet COLD socks! I love that when you are sledding you can't even feel the ice sneaking in your shoes, but the moment you get back in the car, your feet are numb. That is a good feeling,

Sunday, November 26, 2006


So I AM OFFICIALLY GOING TO THE AVA CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEEEEEEEE OWWWWWW! Anyone who has heard that song will know what i am talking about. And those that don't will think I am CWAZY. oh well.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


So I am pretty sure that boys are any good.
I am not the one who has been directly hurt, but my super close friend just got hurt by a stupid sophmore. Its just like why would you say no to a junior girl. He said that he didnt have much experience with girls. Where does he get off using that as an excuse? I am mad and hurt and i just feel like its not really worth it.
The last 60 boys that this girl has liked have turned her down. How does that even happen? I need to be more careful when i support these boys obviously. They aren't good. When the relationship starts I think they will beand then they venture off and they do something stupid.
boys suck and i have yet to meet a boy that will change that. even the one mentioned in the last post

Friday, November 17, 2006

Do equal music tastes represent a good date?

So maybe I couldn't figure out how to log in to this blog. So I created another. I am really not that computer illiterate, but there you go. Oh well. I actually do edit media stories using Final Cut Pro with ease so I can't be that bad!

Well, here we go. I am in love with a boy who is a flirt. And its not that he flirts with just hot young girls, he flirts with 80 year olds. He could flirt with a post. Therein lies the problem. I feel like he has more serious conversations with me, but who knows. I know he hangs out with his buddies a lot. I think he goes to parties, but doesn't do too much hooking up. Its just complicated.

We went on a school trip and hung out a lot, but I hope it wasn't just a school trip... and thats it? Does that make sense? that it was one of those, I have 12 people to chose from and I choose you? Oh well. WHA! I hate confusing relationship problems! I don' know. Now I am going to try to read someother more exciting blogs!

But if anyone reads this:
Are flirty guys worth dating?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First Post

WWhoo! I am excited! My Big Plan is that some publishing company read my blog and decide that i should write a book for them.I hope that it happens, but I am not keeping my fingers crossed. Some points to remember:
I will not always type with correct mechanics, its just not going to happen. And actually i hate it when people correct it so watch out
I am really not that interesting.
I may complain about boys a LOT. but I promise that there will be no emo posts. Or at least as few as possible.

I don't know what to write! There is just so much to reveal about myself.
1. I am a girl
2.I like make-up. and clothes and music.
3. I like to txt a lot! and my phone suck., but the soundis goo.
4. I love to travel. (more about that later)
5. I love reading. ( ikno i am a nerd)
6. I am going to North Carolina for Winter break!!