Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First Post

WWhoo! I am excited! My Big Plan is that some publishing company read my blog and decide that i should write a book for them.I hope that it happens, but I am not keeping my fingers crossed. Some points to remember:
I will not always type with correct mechanics, its just not going to happen. And actually i hate it when people correct it so watch out
I am really not that interesting.
I may complain about boys a LOT. but I promise that there will be no emo posts. Or at least as few as possible.

I don't know what to write! There is just so much to reveal about myself.
1. I am a girl
2.I like make-up. and clothes and music.
3. I like to txt a lot! and my phone suck., but the soundis goo.
4. I love to travel. (more about that later)
5. I love reading. ( ikno i am a nerd)
6. I am going to North Carolina for Winter break!!

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