Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Winter Wonderland!

Hopefully by the time I write my next post, we will be covered by a foot (okay, 5 to 8") of snow!! And not just any snow but powdery fresh beautiful snow. At least thats my hope. All day today everyone kept looking up the weather every 5 minutes.I am pretty sure all of my teachers want it too. Everyone wants a little break. And we say that we will use it to do all the work we need to make up, but that won't really happen! Oh well. I won't make any plans to do homework or the procedure for my internal assessment. I plan on going sledding and getting soaking wet COLD socks! I love that when you are sledding you can't even feel the ice sneaking in your shoes, but the moment you get back in the car, your feet are numb. That is a good feeling,

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