Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beauty Product Review:Urban Decay Ammo Eye Palette

This palatte includes 10 eyeshadows:
1. Smog: Medium shimmery gold brown color
2. Maui Wowie: Khaki gold with large gold sparkles
3. Mildew: Shimmery olive
4. Shattered: Teal gold
5. Oil Slick: Black with small silver sparkles
6. Polyester Bride: White highlighter with sparkles
7. Last Call: Shimmery Plum
8. Grifter: Light purple with silver sparkles
9. Chopper: Copper with gold sparkles
10. Sin: Champagne light copper

So I bought two Urban Decay products within a span of a few days. This one I bought before the other, so let's go over it first. I have wanted to buy Midnight Cowboy for a while, and I was looking at the palettes at Sephora, and I chose this one over one with that shade. I liked more of the colors, so there you go!

Okay so on to the review. I do like these shadows. And mind you, I like sparkley metallic-y shadows, but there is fall-out. I would reccommend using a primer, or like a paint pot. I do not like the packaging of this palette. I like group sets where though things may be smaller they are packaged separately. So that's what took me so long to purchase this product. That and the price, $34. But when you think about it? That's cheap for 10 shadows. And who wants to spend 13 dollars on ten full size shadows? Because honestly, we get bored!

So in conclusion, the shadows are very pigmented and sparkley! And there are some negatives, but I think the benefits outweigh the negatives.

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