Sunday, March 11, 2007

Awkward Relationships

Ex-boyfriend: comes to town, wanting to hook up. Says he will call and doesn't
I didnt want to see him in the first why does that bother me?

Best friend:
Supposedly^- Like I guess not everything should be easy? I just always hope it will be and I would rather not deal with drama. I would rather sit back and chill and forget problems. Confrontation makes me uncomfy. Its too direct and personal.

New Crush:
I hate not knowing what people are thinking. I mean, I know its impossible to know what people are thinking all time, but can't there be some exception for people you are jonesing for? I think it should be a rule. I don't know. And the thing is I only like boys who are mysterious, When I get to know them? I just am bored and don't care. So I obviously have multiple issues to work out.

Other Best Friends Crush:
What is up with him? He says he likes my friend but blames stress and family as the reason why he can't go on a date with her. I mean I am halfway wanting to say that if he likes you...he should have already asked, but i know that'll break her heart. I also am confused as to why he is being like this in the first place. Cuz he is (was?) a nice guy. At least he seemed to be, but then this stuff happens? I am confused. He needs to let her know what is going on!
This has to do with me in that me and the guy she likes used to be super good friends. But now this whole issue has come up and I don't think that I can look at him in the same way.

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