Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Birthday and My Birthday Suit

So I should be writing an essay on whether truth is better expressed in literature than in other areas of knowledge, but I am not sure how i want to answer yet. So I thought I would say hello to this blog.

It is my birthday today. I am 18. I know, I know. This should be a milestone. I should be out celebrating. Not writing in some lame online journal, but I have school tomorrow. (School this year started on my birthday.) So this seemed to be less lame then to be writing in my private journal. At least someone has a chance of seeing this.

So I guess on to the second part of my title. I met a boy. Well thats a lie. I didn't just meet him or anything. I knew him from before. But I guess I just have decided to see him as a romantic interest. I am very attracted to his body, but I am also attracted to his mind. He is smart. And he is kinda funny. He is a boy that is very different from me. He lives with his grandparents and sometimes shares his room with his junkie dad. His mom isn't around. He told me he does smoke now and then. I really don't have too much of a problem with this, as long as he doesn't smoke around me. He said it doesn't bother him that I don't So I don't know. He told me all of these things however, on the first date, which probably could be only loosely called a date anyway. So I now feel like we are serious without being at all.

He doesn't have a sense of smell. And for some weird reason, that totally turns me on. Its like I would have to describe things to him and somehow that is really sensual to me. He is nice and quiet and listens to me talk. I think that we could have something even with our differences.

For example, he loves spicy food. I do too. He likes the band Cake, I do too. I think he could protect me. BUT he did say that his dad said that he would take a "whack" at any girl that he brought into his room. Creepy much? I mean he is sweet but yeah.

So his car is in the shop, and I don't know I wanted him to ask me out on a second date....but he cant i think? Like he feels uncomfy with out a car. He asked to come along.

but now I am going out to dinner with a group. And we are inviting his friends and him and my friends. I don know I am a bit apprehensive.

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